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HP Workstations

Next-generation technology to deal with the most demanding business applications

  •  Unparalleled performance backed with the latest Intel® Core™ 2 Quad-core processors
  • Combine superior hardware design with revolutionary software innovations such as HP Performance Tuning Framework that optimises availability, and HP Remote Graphics Software allowing users to work with 3D designs remotely
  • Enable fast, real-time collaboration with HP SkyRoom, combining hi-fi audio, HD video and rich media sharing in a virtual meeting space
  • Designed to fulfil the demands of mechanical computer aided design, computer aided engineering, digital content creation, architecture and engineering industries



» HP Z200 Workstation

» HP Z400 Workstation

» HP Z600 Workstation

» HP Z800 Workstation

The world’s first 27” diagonal all-in-one workstation

HP Z1 Workstation products

Workstation class performance and reliability at a PC-like price

HP Z200 Workstation products

Outstanding power and robust expandability at mainstream prices

HP Z400 Workstation products

12-core performance in a compact footprint

HP Z600 Workstation products

Ultimate performance with extreme expandability

HP Z800 Workstation products

Features a 27” diagonal White LED display that supports over a billion colors, and a wide, 178 degree viewing angle and an IPS panel

Workstation-class productivity with advanced memory, graphics, and storage, plus application certification.

Brings together and optimizes the latest processors, memory, graphics, and storage technologies.

Compute and visualization power in a small, quiet package

Ideal for the most data-intensive applications with massive data capacity and system expandability

Easily upgrade or add a hard drive, graphics card, or memory by simply snapping it open. No tools required

Available in a convertible minitower format (HP Z200) or as a remarkably compact small form factor (HP Z200 SFF)

Smart new chassis, quiet acoustics, and optional liquid cooling that makes the system even quieter

Sleek new industrial design - brushed aluminum side panels, tool-less access chassis, and integrated handles.

Sleek new industrial design - brushed aluminum side panels, tool-less access chassis, and integrated handles.

Get workstation performance without compromise with Quad-core Intel® Xeon® processors and professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics

A wide selection of the latest Intel® technology, including dual-core Intel® Core™ i3 and i5 processors or quad-core Intel Core i5 and i7 and Intel® Xeon ® Series

Drive four 3D or six 2D displays with the newest professional graphics options from NVIDIA and ATI.

Tackles bigger problems faster and processes more tasks and threads in parallel with Intel® QuickPath Technology and Intel® Xeon® processors with integrated memory controllers.

Visually cable-less engineering that maximizes airflow, modular component removal and reconnect, and optional liquid cooling.

Choose from a variety of storage types, including 7.2K and 10K SATA, SSD, optional RAID configurations, optical and removable drives (AMO), and a multi-format media card reader

Easily fine tune and optimize your workstation with HP's unique HP Performance Advisor software

Minimize power and cooling costs with ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations, 85% efficient power supplies, and HP WattSaver

Tool-free access chassis with highly streamlined internal design, and modular, direct connect drives and power supplies

Massive horsepower of quad-core Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® QuickPath Technology

Enhance your work with whisper quiet acoustics, built-in HD webcam, and SRS Premium Sound






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