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IBM System X - Tower servers

IBM System x3500 M4

This high-performance, dual-socket tower server delivers scalability, reliable performance and optimized efficiency for your business-critical applications.

  • Processor: Up to two Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 product family
  • Maximum processors:2
  • Maximum memory:768 GB*
  • Maximum hard drives:Up to 32 2.5" hot-swap or eight 3.5" hot-swap or simple-swap

IBM System x3100 M4

The x3100 M4 is a value-priced tower with an innovative, compact design that can help reduce heat and noise and offers leadership dependability and systems management capabilities to help protect and manage your systems.

  • Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 series (quad-core) up to 3.5 GHz/8 MB/1333 MHz or Intel Core™ i3 2100 series (dual-core) up to 3.3 GHz/3 MB/1333 MHz
  • Maximum processors:1
  • Maximum memory:1 x 2 or 1 x 4 GB standard, maximum 32 GB¹ 1333 MHz DDR-3 ECC UDIMMs via 4 DIMM slots
  • Maximum hard drives:4

IBM System x3200 M3

The IBM System x3200 M3 offers enhanced features and performance to help you take on the dynamic challenges of running IT with an emphasis on security, simplicity, efficiency and reliability—delivered at the right price in a single-socket tower server.

  •  Processor: Intel® Xeon® 3400 Series (quad-core) up to 3.06 GHz or Intel Celeron®, Pentium® or Core i3 (dual-core) up to 3.20 GHz
  • Maximum processors:1
  • Maximum memory:DDR-3 ECC memory, up to 1333 MHz; up to 32 GB max
  • Maximum hard drives:8 (support for special bid through sales configuration tool only)

IBM System x3400 M3

The x3400 M3 offers flexibility, reliability and security as well as enhanced systems management features that make it an ideal choice for small, midsize and distributed businesses.

  •  Processor:Four-core Intel® Xeon® 5600 with 12 MB optimized cache standard or six-core Intel® Xeon® 5600 with 12 MB optimized cache (configure to order only)
  • Maximum processors:2
  • Maximum memory:16 DIMM slots maximum, 128 GB with DDR-3 1333 MHz RDIMMs or 48 GB with DDR-3 1333 MHz UDIMMs
  • Maximum hard drives:Eight 3.5" or sixteen 2.5" (configure to order only)
    Standard with four 3.5", eight 2.5" or sixteen 2.5

Business use: Ideal applications include network infrastructure, file and print, distributed branch office and e-mail and collaboration.

IBM System x3500 M3

The x3500 M3 delivers extreme scalability of storage and memory while leveraging the high processing speed of the latest Intel® Xeon® processors for your critical business applications.

  • Processor:Six-core Intel® Xeon® up to two X5690 3.46 GHz or four-core Intel® Xeon® X5687 3.60 GHz with 12 MB of cache per processor socket
  • Maximum processors:2
  • Maximum memory:Sixteen DIMM slots maximum, 192 GB with DDR-3 1333 MHz RDIMMs or 48 GB with DDR-3 1333 MHz UDIMMs
  • Maximum hard drives:Twenty-four 2.5" or eight 3.5" (configure to order only)
    Standard with eight 2.5" or sixteen 2.5"

Business use: Ideal uses include your custom business applications, distributed branch applications, file sharing, email and collaboration, web services, departmental database, small-scale virtualization, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM).