Syntellect CTI Solutions

Leveraging the communication tools they use every day, your customers have the ability to instantly access a variety of information. Syntellect understands your customer interaction needs and the challenges you face in providing the quality service demanded to maintain a competitive advantage. Syntellect provides solutions that help your customers reach the right contact destination, the first time. Our solutions remember your customers when they return, helping to deliver a superior customer experience. Syntellect has the expertise to provide your organization with the communication channels necessary to create, maintain and continuously improve exceptional end-to-end customer service.

Enhance Customer Communications with CTI

Syntellect CTI solutions help some of the world's largest organizations add CTI capabilities, such as intelligent routing, screen pops, click to call and monitoring functions, to their contact center applications.  Compatible with all the leading IP and traditional (TDM) contact center infrastructures, including PBXs, IP PBXs, and ACDs from companies such as Cisco, Alcatel, Avaya, and Nortel, Syntellect CTI solutions include:

  •  CT Connect - Syntellect CT Connect™ is standards-based CTI software that allows application developers and systems integrators to create voice self-service, contact center and unified communications solutions for IP and TDM networks at dramatically lower cost by providing out-of-the-box integration with all major communications systems. Syntellect CT Connect has CTI enabled more than 1 million agent seats worldwide.
  • CT Connect for Salesforce.com - Syntellect CT Connect™ for Salesforce.com is a CTI application that allows service and support organizations to leverage the data from their Salesforce.com CRM solution in their outbound dialing initiatives and to help them resolve customer issues more quickly. Syntellect CT Connect significantly enhances the efficiency and performance of service and support groups by providing agents with click-to-dial and screen pop capabilities that can reduce call time and help personalize customer service.
  • CT Connect for Oracle E-Business- Syntellect CT Connect™ for Oracle E-Business Suite is certified CTI middleware allowing integration of Oracle’s business solutions with the telephone switches typically found in the enterprise.
  • CT Connect for Siebel - Syntellect CT Connect™ for Siebel includes the CTI adapter and provides Siebel CRM users with a like-for-like CTI Connect replacement that delivers Screen Pop and Click-to-Dial functionality while maintaining the same familiar user experience with which your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs, Agents) are accustomed.


Syntellect VoiceXML Studio

Accelerate VoiceXML Development
Syntellect VoiceXML Studio is a graphical development environment that accelerates the creation of VoiceXML-based voice solutions by 50% or more. With Syntellect VoiceXML Studio, you no longer need to write VoiceXML code. Instead, you can quickly assemble applications from pre-built "functional blocks" for voice user interface management, call control, application logic and database integration.

Syntellect VoiceXML Studio includes the following key features:

  • A graphical programming environment that eliminates the need for manual coding and generates VoiceXML suitable for high-performance applications.
  •  A library of pre-built user interface components, or "dialog blocks," which promote "best-practices" in user interface design.
  • VoiceXML 2.1 and 2.0 compatibility.
  •  Advanced database controls that enable the automation of transactions and business processes.
  •  Support for voice and email communication.

Java, XML and Web Services capabilities allow developers to integrate easily with existing software applications and leverage prior investments in software and solution development.
An integrated graphical debugger that streamlines development and testing time.

Syntellect Communications Portal and VoiceXML Studio, a Complete VoiceXML Offering

Syntellect VoiceXML Studio is tightly integrated with Syntellect Communications Portal, the Company's open, standards-based platform, providing developers with a comprehensive VoiceXML offering with advanced development and management capabilities. Visit the Contact Center Resources section to discover more about Syntellect's interaction management solutions, whitepapers, case studies, articles and other information about the contact center industry.


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