Citrix XenClient®

Enterprise desktop virtualization for laptop users

Citrix XenClient extends the performance, flexibility and security of  desktop virtualization to mobile users—and even lets them run multiple virtual desktops on a single laptop—while providing effective control for IT over data protection and desktop image management.


Local virtual desktops... to go

As the first enterprise class, true bare metal client-side hypervisor, XenClient delivers near-native performance, wide platform support, ease-of-use, and enterprise management capabilities.

  • Anywhere, anytime—even offline – Workers can use theirvirtual desktops wherever their work takes them, with no network connection needed
  • Multiple computers on a single laptop – The ability to run multiple virtual desktops locally, with full isolation, provides optimal flexibility for both workers and IT
  • Enhanced IT efficiency – Virtual desktops can be created, secured, deployed and moved across any XenClient-supported hardware, greatly reducing the maintenance burden on IT and simplifying disaster recovery for laptop users
  • High-definition experience – Optimized for Intel vPro technology, XenClient delivers a high-definition experience with the ultimate in security on systems with Intel vPro technology

The complete desktop virtualization solution from Citrix

XenClient is available with XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum editions, extending the reach of the unique FlexCast delivery technology to local virtual machines. With FlexCast, IT can deliver every type of virtual desktop—each specifically tailored to meet the performance, security and flexibility requirements of each individual user.

How XenClient helps your business

Citrix XenClient delivers the benefits of local desktop virtualization to mobile users. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime—even offline—provides exceptional flexibility to enhance worker productivity. For IT, this flexibility is complemented by simplified desktop management as well as new levels of security, reliability and control.


Mobilize users and your business

For users, XenClient, makes it possible to work from anywhere, anytime, whether within the corporate network, travelling without connectivity or working remotely. A single device can run multiple virtual machines for instant, simultaneous access to a variety of environments: a locked-down business desktop, a personal desktop, a test and development environment, a temporary environment for contingent workers—all with high-quality video and graphics. For IT, XenClient enables the delivery of well-managed virtual desktops with granular policy control, full isolation and security to protect corporate data.


Secure your most valuable asset—information

An encrypted, locked-down corporate desktop provides the rich environment users need to do their work while protecting corporate data and eliminating the instabilities and risks that can be caused by user changes. To safeguard intellectual property, IT can define granular policies to disable removable storage or prevent data movement over networks. Integrated, automated backup ofvirtual desktops aids business continuity planning and disaster recovery.


Simplify desktop management

With XenClient, IT professionals can easily create, deploy, move, secure and protect standardized desktop images across all supported devices. A centralized delivery platform speeds the deployment of virtual desktops to new employees. Granular policy controls can be enforced on virtual desktops to ensure effective management of corporate assets, including the ability to send “kill pills” to lost or stolen remote XenClient-enabled laptops.


Make computing more reliable

With XenClient, workers can be confident that their virtual desktop will always be available when they need it. Automatic, full-time backups protect client-side data and intellectual property whenever a user connects to the Internet. Simple, self-service recovery lets users restore lost data, roll back changes to a specific point in time and even restore test environments themselves, without helpdesk assistance, so they can get back to work quickly. If a laptop is lost, stolen or fails, workers can restore the entire virtual machine to any XenClient-enabled computer. Reduced user support requirements free IT to focus on higher-value work.

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