Citrix VDI-in-a-Box®

Virtual desktops for less

Small and midsize businesses want to realize the same desktop virtualization benefits as their enterprise counterparts, but face tight budget and resource constraints. VDI-in-a-Box is an easy, affordable, all-in-one desktop virtualization solution that makes the benefits of desktop virtualization available to every business. Running on off-the-shelf servers, the solution enables IT to deliver centrally-managed virtual desktops to any user, on any device—all for less than the cost of PCs. With VDI-in-a-Box, you can give your workers the freedom to work from anywhere while instantly lowering costs and improving security.


Empower desktop IT

  • Eliminate IT dependencies with an intuitive management console that empowers Windows admins to handle virtualization details so you don’t need storage specialists, network administrators or virtualization experts.
  • Cut desktop costs by centrally consolidating patching and management. Reduce ongoing PC replacement costs by lengthening the time between PC refresh cycles. Minimize infrastructure investment by scaling incrementally without needing to overprovision for key features like high availability.

Delight your users

  • Work anywhere on any device using Windows PCs, Macs, and smartphone and tablet platforms such as Apple, Android, HP and RIM.
  • Provide personalized desktops customized to each user’s preferences and profile.
  • Deliver a high-definition experience with performance and access fine-tuned to match the capabilities of each connection and computing device.
  • Reduce downtime with the ability to manage service levels via policies and a central desktop that is always available, even if a user’s PC is not.

Understand Cost and ROI

Over 60 percent of the cost to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) goes to hardware infrastructure such as shared storage and servers. VDI-in-a-Box eliminates expensive infrastructure by delivering a complete production system with high availability—without the overhead of separate connection brokers, load balancers, provisioning servers or shared storage—and running alongside the virtual desktops on inexpensive off-the-shelf servers. This dramatically lowers VDI costs.


Virtual desktops for less than the cost of a PC refresh

VDI-in-a-Box generates immediate ROI by making virtual desktops less expensive than the PCs they replace. The infrastructure to deploy virtual desktops amounts to only $260–$425 per virtual desktop. Workers can access their virtual desktops using repurposed existing PCs or Macs, or new thin clients and tablets; customers often use a mix of both. The ongoing operational efficiencies gained from centrally-managed virtual desktops add further savings. Furthermore, with VDI-in-a-Box, you have the flexibility of starting small and scaling as needs grow without needing to overprovision.

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